VIP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do VIP tickets come with a ticket to the show?

A: No. VIP tickets only admit you to the VIP event not the entire show. Please visit your local venue website for General Admittance Tickets.

Q: Where are my VIP tickets?

A: There are no physical tickets for VIP. Your name will be on a will call list. Any form of picture ID will be taken or purchase confirmation email for verification.

Q: I haven’t received my instruction email for the show in a couple days?!

A: Don’t worry, one is coming shortly. We usually don’t forget these kinds of things. If come the day of show and you still haven’t received your email, please contact us then.

Q: I purchased a ticket for my son/daughter but would like to attend as well to chaperone. Do I need to purchase a VIP ticket?

A: Any parent/guardian of a minor (Under 18) may enter the VIP meet and greet without a ticket.

Q: I purchased a ticket for my son/daughter and used my name when purchasing them.

A: No need to worry! As long as your child gives the VIP instructor your name and explain it was purchased by a parent they will understand.

Q: My show was postponed/cancelled due to weather or other serious conditions.

A: If your show has been rescheduled or cancelled, you may email us at to request a refund.

Q: I’m unable to make it to the VIP event on time, can you reschedule or give me a refund?

A: All tickets are sold with no refunds. We are unable to reschedule anything.

Q: I haven’t received any of my VIP tickets or items in the mail and I ordered it a month ago??

A: That’s because all your VIP items will be given to you the day of the show at the event.

If you do not see your question or answer you may contact us here